Personal Purpose

Personal Purpose 1-on-1 Session: Are you searching for greater meaning in your life? Would you like to generate wealth from your passions? Would you like to know the purpose of your life? And would you like to know the secret of happiness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on. A one-on-one Personal Purpose can help you answer these questions and much, much more.

Every company has a Purpose - they may call it a vision or a mission - it explains why the organization exists. Everything the company does is designed to bring that Purpose to life, at least in theory. The same is true of an individual. Each of us has a Personal Purpose too. The purpose of our life is to bring it to life.

In a one-on-one Personal Purpose session, Alexander will help you to articulate your Personal Purpose and identify what stops you from realizing it. This will help you to:

  • Reconnect to something greater than you;
  • Make sense of your life;
  • Understand how to find balance, happiness and peace;
  • Unleash courage, creativity and collaboration;
  • Understand the process to change your world;
  • Identify what stops you from finding true happiness and peace

Alexander Inchbald: Extreme Artist and Creation Mentor

My Personal Purpose is to free the world’s creativity to accelerate sustainable creation. Seven years ago, I lived alone and worked for a communications company I had helped to found in Geneva, Switzerland. We developed campaigns for The Red Cross, UNICEF, the United Nations and major corporations. I thought I was happy. And then I articulated my Personal Purpose and realized why I wasn’t. Since then, I have changed my life. I am now married to the most amazing woman, Anna. Not only is she my wife and the mother of our children, she is also my best friend. Sasha, our daughter, is now five and Daniel, our son, is now three. They bring so much joy and happiness into our world. I paint in extreme locations all over the world to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. And then, I use the insights to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, their teams and organizations to:

  • 1

    Articulate a Purpose that reconnects them to something greater;

  • 2

    Develop a value proposition, business model and roadmap to bring this purpose to life and generate wealth;

  • 3

    Identify and remove the barriers that stop them from doing this.

In 2018, I published my first book, #Balance, to explain these insights and help leaders, teams and organizations place purpose at the heart of everything they do.

Six Main Benefits

  • Discover your vision for life

  • Find greater meaning

  • Unleash your creativity

  • Identify what stops you

  • Find happiness everywhere

  • Generate wealth from passions

What We Will Cover

  • 1

    Define Your Personal Purpose

    Over the last few years, I have helped hundreds of people, just like you, to articulate their Personal Purpose. It is a profound life-changing experience. It used to take me a few hours to help someone articulate their Purpose. Now, it takes me a matter of minutes. I use a six-step process that I have refined and refined and refined.

  • 2

    Understand Your Journey

    Life is a journey of discovery. Each of us are at a different stage. Some of us think we know where we’re going. A few of us are lost. Most of us are creating unintended waves that stop us from getting any closer to where we want to go. I will help you understand where you are on your journey and what is your next step.

  • 3

    Identify and Remove Obstacles

    Our Purpose articulates our essence, our unconscious mind, our soul - what I call our Inner Game, the essence of who we are. To bring it to life, we must use our Outer Game - our personality, our conscious mind, our ego. Our mindset or beliefs link the Inner Game and the Outer Game. Obstacles we encounter in the world outside us reflect these beliefs. If we can observe these beliefs, we can change our relationship to the obstacles - in fact, they disappear. I will help you to identify the main belief that stops you from bringing your Purpose to life.



What Other People Are Saying About This Program

Alexander helped me uncover my "real self". Thanks to this unique approach, I rediscovered the artist within me and have, as a result, become happier and healthier every day

Gianpaolo Turri, President, Adamant Namiki

Alexander delivers solid and near-immediate results that can enable breakthroughs for individuals fortunate enough to spend time with him. He inspires with authenticity and challenges by example. His body of work is rapidly becoming a new way of thinking that I believe could transform at scale the way we approach, and leverage creativity, innovation, and relationships.

Joe Leenhouts-Martin, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health

These tools helped me to transform my life... moving from Director of one communications agency to founder and Managing Director of another. 

Mark Harrison, CEO of Cheetham Bell, part of WPP group of communication companies

Many people are facing a crisis of purpose. They’re seeking new ways to leave a meaningful and conscious legacy. Alexander explores the traps that individuals and the businesses they create, can fall into -- and ways to consciously step-up the game through increased inner awareness and a conscious effort to balance inner life with outer actions.

Debra Moffitt, Owner of Divinely Inspired Living Media and award-winning author of Awake in the World and Garden of Bliss

With Alexander’s guidance, I had my team work on finding their life’s purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done, it allowed us to understand each other’s passions and unite our energy to create a new team purpose that everyone sees themselves in. Now people respect one another more, bring their best selves to work, and are determined to reach our full potential to make our company a force for good.

Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability & Social Impact Officer, HP Inc.

Who Is This Cours For

This program is for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who feel called to make a difference in their world. It is for tomorrow’s leaders, for everyone who wants to free themselves and realize their full potential. It is for those who want to escape the dreaded Monday morning feeling forever.


USD 500.-


Includes introduction to the Inner | Outer Game Model

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