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Create your Masterpiece

Please note: in light of recent events, we have switched locations for the first and last module and adapted the content of this year's journey.
See the new dates, locations and purpose of each module below.

Are you called?

Recent events demonstrate we are at a pivotal moment in human history. The last time we had this kind of opportunity was 9/11. Back then, many of us watched helpless as our elected politicians turned an opportunity to unite humanity by transforming resistance into another war for profit and power. While many of us may feel helpless or overwhelmed physically and emotionally today, we have the consciousness, technology and tools to create global villages, which can transform resistance, upgrade our bodies, unite us and sustain us.

To do this, we need to Stand for Love—not the fluffly-Valentine, marketed trash—real love—what the Greeks called philautia, storge and agapé—self-love, which connects us unconditionally to others and a higher purpose. 
This love emerges amidst the acceptance of our mortality. It leads men to stand in front of tanks and mothers to send their sons on journeys of over a thousand kilometres so they can protect their mothers. But, do we need more war to experience this love? Not, if we learn the lessons of the current 10,000 year cycle.

Painting in extreme locations all over the world has taught me resistance creates more resistance. The moment we accept death is in our nature, we realize we are the ocean in a drop—a centre of all of it—and in that moment we realize the entire universe is a blank canvas on which we can create our Masterpiece.

Now, those of us who can must contribute our Masterpiece to the universal canvas. It's what we were born to create. One person fully connected to Source can have more influence on humanity than a million who are disconnected. If you are called, join us on a journey of many lifetimes to create your Masterpiece, the greatest contribution you can make to creating a sustainable ecosystem for yourself, your family, your tribe and society. 

The Journey

5-8 August: Create yr Masterpiece

Älesund, Norway: change your relationship to love and hear what you are called to create now.

15-18 Sept: The Warrior Inside

Kyoto, Japanunleash the Warrior inside you with a Samurai to protect what you cherish most.

Oct: Generate money on Purpose

Santorini, Greece: discover how to initiate rain to sustain your Masterpiece.

Nov: Contribute to Change

Alexandria, Egypt: See how your Masterpiece changes civilization.

Find your true self

Go out of your mind to create your Masterpiece. Get a sense of what happened in Greece in 2021.

Discover what participants say

"I am happy in what I am doing... but always felt there was something more... I was basically preparing myself for another dimension... a leap of faith'

Yves Aubert

Professional Board Member

"If you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

CEO, OpusVL, Founder of Open UK

"I have so much trust in you... I now want to go on my journey, the next chapter in my life."

Ruth Züblin

Board member, board advisor, corporate communications leader  
CEO of Ruth Züblin Associates

"If you're thinking of taking #Masterpiece... and you're not feeling fearful of it, you're in the wrong place..."

Peter Koenig

The Money Guru, Source and Principal at Peter Koenig Enterprises

"If you want to live a life of greatness... this is the type of work you need to do... get some magic in your life."

Scott Picken

Chairman, Global Wealth Group—after Module 3 | Self-love

"I am the source of my leadership... I found a missing part of my leadership and everyone should do this."

Mutugi M'Narobi

Serial Entrepreneur, Board Member—after Module 2 | Money

"I could have spent a million dollars and wouldn't have had the same experience."

Scott Picken

Chairman, Global Wealth Group—after Module 1 | Power

Discover more about creating a Masterpiece

Learn about money

Why you should do what you love

Peter Koenig is one of the partners of #Masterpiece | Creation. Watch him talk to Scott Picken, one of the participants, as he talks about why it's so important to do what you love and how to do it. 

Watch the podcast

Discover how Sameh created his Masterpiece in the desert

Sameh Khatib is the owner of Palmera Camp in Wadi Rum in Jordan and the leading breeder of Arabian horses in Jordan.

Watch the webinar

Discover what others are creating

See what the 2021 cohort of #Masterpiece | Creation is creating.

Extreme artist, bestselling author, Source of Masterpiece Creation

Alexander Inchbald

Alexander helps Changemakers change their world by bringing the Masterpiece they were born to create to life. Over the last few years, he has helped thousands of leaders articulate their Purpose and create their Masterpiece. He inspires with his vision and original thinking.

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