Create your Masterpiece

Live from doing what you love

Are you a pioneer, a misfit, one of the crazy ones, an artist with wild ideas, or a visionary? 

Do you feel like you don't belong to the current system?

Are you trying to create a new sustainable system?

If so, you may be one of the 10,000 Rainmakers we're looking for.

Rainmakers don't fit into the current system.

They create the new one.

They have already done a considerable amount of inner work.

And yet, many potential Rainmakers are stuck.

Something isn't flowing.

Either it's the money or their relationship or creativity or connections. 

They may invested everything they have in their venture.

Or their partner appears to be holding them back.

Or they haven't quite worked out what they are called to do.

Or they haven't found their tribe yet—a place where they feel home at last.

And yet, deep down, they know they are here to create something extra-ordinary.

It could be a new coaching model or an entirely new business or a new perspective on an existing idea.

Whatever it is, it is sustainable.

It's never been seen before—at least not like this.

And deep down, they know are called to do it.

We call it a Masterpiece.

It comes from deep within us.

We create it with love, because we love doing it.

Your Masterpiece is a portal to creating a sustainable world.

A key piece of the global jigsaw puzzle.

Our skill is helping you to clarify exactly what it is and increase your flow so it becomes inevitable.

We know it is already done.

Do you?

We are a growing community of extra-ordinary individuals.

Between us, we are creating Masterpieces that touch billions of people.

We help each other to grow, because all of us benefit from each other's growth.

You might be the next Rainmaker we are looking for.

If this resonates, see if you're ready to join us.

5 days + 5 weeks + 5 days + 11 months of support

Live from doing what you love

10x modules with WorldClass coaches and Tribe Leaders over 2 weeks
5x weekly calls with buddies
Access to 20 hours of videos, apps and tests
Access to a community for questions
Bonus #1: 2x 60 minute 1:1 calls to review progress
Bonus #2: 12 months support to bring your Masterpiece to life
Bonus #3: Additional support to launch your version of #Masterpiece or integrate the technology into your Masterpiece

Unleash your Inner Game

Painting in the mountains taught me true Creation starts with our Inner Game, the artist inside us. That's why we start with your Personal Purpose, the key to your Inner Game. Then, we look at the four relationships that stop us from creating our Masterpiece.

Become a Masterpiece again


Articulate your Purpose, your essence or spirit. It describes who you are and why you are here.


Leap from 'I don't have enough time to 'I can change timelines' by stepping outside of time.


Leap from 'I can't create a Masterpiece' to unleashing your potential to lead tribes.


Leap from my most intimate relationships are falling apart to creating the most intimate relationships.


Leap from 'my bank account hovers around zero, fluctuates wildly or feels like a burden to 'money flows to support my family and tribe'.

Upgrade your Outer Game

Once you are sufficiently whole again, you will start to hear your Masterpiece emerging from deep within. For this to happen, you also need to upgrade your Outer Game to protect what is being born through you. The second step starts with your Mission, the key to attracting your Tribe to you. Then, we look at the four pillars to bring your Masterpiece to life.

The benefits of our tool are clear


Define your Mission, the next chapter of your life and what attracts your tribe to you.


Hear what you were born to create, your portal to step into a sustainable ecosystem.


Discover who your tribe is, what value you create for them and who you need to become to deliver on that promise.


Define how money flows through your ecosystem to sustain your loved ones, your tribe and Mother Nature.


Develop a Roadmap from beyond time that brings your Mission and Masterpiece to life in time.

Circulate Conscious Wealth

The first two steps of the journey take 7 weeks: one week of 5 modules at the beginning and another at the end, with 5 weeks of videos and buddy sessions in between. These 5 weeks help you to dive deeper on your own and reclaim what you need to become sufficiently whole to hear your Masterpiece. Beyond that, if you're ready, we can provide the support you need for the rest of the year to bring your Masterpiece to life. Consciously generating wealth from our Masterpiece requires us to rethink, recreate and redesign everything for a sustainable paradigm.

Realize y0ur Masterpiece


Surrender to the support of a community and guides to help you manifest your Masterpiece.


Turn your promise into your messages, a website, and/or a program that magically attracts your tribe to you.


Learn how to love selling without selling—selling with love.


Generate wealth using a sustainable financial model that circulates wealth within the entire ecosystem.


Learn to take action without attachment to the outcome and with the passion needed for the universe to respond.

Discover your Pathway of Prosperity

Explore how to become truly prosperous in four areas of your life.

Lovelife: More Intimacy

Radically improve your intimate relationships.

Worklife: More Clarity

Get really clear on what you are being called to create next.

Moneylife: More Flow

Radically improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Home Life: More energy

Upgrade your physical, mental and spiritual health

Your Pathway

Reveal the next chapter of your life.

Feel at Home

Support and be supported by a tribe that feels like home at last.

Prosperity flows through us

Mother Nature doesn't accumulate wealth. Lions don't kill all the impala in the Serengeti and store them up for a rainy day; we don't pay our mothers to raise us. The ecosystems on which we depend would collapse. 

Humans only started to accumulate wealth 10,000 years ago, when we domesticated animals and cultivated crops, subtly putting ourselves above Mother Nature and disconnecting ourselves from our true nature in the process. Today, 10 men own 30% of the world's wealth. This is a direct outcome of our disconnection from Mother Nature. And the trend is accelerating—every 30 hours sees a new billionaire.

The good news is it is inevitable we move back towards an ecosystem more in harmony with Mother Nature, the only question is how many of us get stuck in the old system. We build a dam either above or below us.

Some of us have built a dam below us to protect the wealth (money and wisdom) we have accumulated. We worry about spending it and end up chasing after it, believing it will make us feel secure, free or happy. And yet, no matter how much money or wisdom we accumulate, we never quite feel secure, free or happy.

Others of us build a dam above us to protect ourselves from the 'evils' of the system. We worry about inequality or climate change and end up pushing money (and love) away, believing it will corrupt us, make us feel dirty or lead to societal collapse. And yet, no matter how much we restrict the flow of money, we never quite rid ourselves of the feeling that money is the root of all evil.

And yet others of us are stuck both sides of the dam. So money (and love) comes to us in fits and starts depending on which dam we have opened or closed at any one moment. We go through droughts and floods. And we worry twice as much. We worry when we spend it and we worry that we aren't receiving it.

Both dams are an illusion created in our minds to protect ourselves from our fears. We can help you shine light on these fears so you create your Masterpiece—your portal to a sustainable world. It's what you were born to create.

Who should join us?

This journey isn’t for everyone - we will challenge you to become who you are. Between us, we have created Masterpieces that have influenced billions of people. Only consider joining us if you are committed to stepping out of your comfort zone and want to see real change in your world.

"If you're thinking of taking #Masterpiece... and you're not feeling fearful of it, you're in the wrong place..."

Peter Koenig

The Money Guru, Source and Principal at Peter Koenig Enterprises

Your coaches

Alexander Inchbald

Climate artist | Bestselling author | Source of #Masterpiece Movement

Alexander will help you articulate your Purpose, define your Mission, hear your Masterpiece and hold the space for you to become who you are. 

Karen Kennaby

Karen Kennaby is the founder of Ellev8 – a global movement  attracting successful women who want to create a legacy with real social impact.  She is renowned for creating exquisite experiences and asking the pertinent questions that help us to see the bigger picture and experience more joy.

Peter Koenig

Money Master, author and Source of Moneywork and Sourcework. Peter will help you change your relationship to money so you have neither addiction nor aversion to it. Peter is a Source of inspiration to thousands around the world.

Kari Aina Eik

Kari Aina Eik is the Founder of United Cities, the most innovative fund to realize the UN's SDGs in cities. Her skill is to hear someone's unique talent and contribution to humanity and then help them to bring it to life. 

Jean-Philippe Challandes

Professor of modernity, Swiss surgeon of discernment. Jean-Philippe will help us to put the last 5,000 years into the context of the history of humankind. His unique ability is to distinguish with precision what stops true power from flowing through us so we become the author of our lives.



In addition to everything detailed above when you join #Masterpiece | Tribes you also receive

Get 1:1 Support

Speak to two of the worldclass coaches in 60 minute 1:1 sessions to help you get to the bottom of what is blocking you or to create your Masterpiece. These are profound, life-changing sessions.

Continue your Journey

Continue your journey: join #Masterpiece | Ecosystem for 10 months to bring your Masterpiece to life and the extraordinary Alumni community to continue elevating your Self.

Launch your own #MasterpieceX

Work directly with me to develop and launch your own variant of #Masterpiece or integrate key modules of #Masterpiece into your own Masterpiece by applying a few guidelines to ensure the energy flows.

Discover what participants say

'It's ok to be me... and allow my inner wisdom, my Inner Game to lead my skills and capabilities"'

Sarah Paterson

Veterinarian, Transformational Life

"If you're not sure where you're going to be in 10 years... then you should be on this program."

Stuart Mackintosh

CEO, OpusVL, Founder of Open UK

'Don't write a book unless you have to... but I have to. It was not possible not to do it'

Susanne Danig

Unleashing the power of the performing arts

"The time has come to raise our consciousness... if not now, then when? If not you, then who?"

Mentor Dida

Entrepreneur, Human-Centred Design Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant

5 Days unleashing Inner Game

Discover your Purpose and change your relationship to time, money, power and love.

5 Days upgrading Outer Game

Articulate your Mission, Masterpiece, Promise, Money & Comms Flow and Pathway.

5 Weeks deepening the work

Work with buddies to deepen your Pathway so you can access the Causal Plane.

2 60 minute 1:1 sessions

Resolve a particular block or get more clarity around your Masterpiece.

20 hours of video

Watch interviews with partners about Money and Power and discover how to use the tools.

11 months of support

Join the Alumni community to get the support you need to realize your Masterpiece.

#Masterpiece | Tribes

10 Modules: Inner + Outer
20 hours of video
2x 60 minute 1:1 sessions
5 buddy sessions
11 months of support


0r $500 billed monthly for a year

The next cohort starts on 20 February 2023

Join us for the next cohort and start creating your Masterpiece.

We will be running the next cohort at a time convenient for Australia, New Zealand, Asia and The Middle East.

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