Own a Masterpiece

Live in a lighter and brighter world

Imagine having your own doorway to a greater force at home or in your office

Imagine this portal helping you to expand your consciousness every day.

Over the last forty years, I have explored the limits of creation—I have painted in a tropical storm in the Caribbean, a blizzard in The Alps, gale force winds on a beach in The Philippines, a tumultuous lake in front of Mount Fuji and at -10°C on top of a ridge in the Russian Caucasus. 

Creating at these extremes, I discovered when I stop resisting the environment, it stops resisting me. In this moment, I am no longer separate from it, whatever you call it… I am it and I can influence any aspect of it

You can become the Creator of your world too. 

If this resonates, and you'd like to own one of my paintings, let's talk so I can guide you in choosing the right one for you.

A playground for our imagination

The world is a blank canvas

Imagine a world in which you are more in tune with Mother Nature and your own nature. My paintings can help.  

Each painting takes you on a journey

Every painting is a portal into a different dimension. They will help you to step into a new reality and elevate your consciousness.


Imagine the energy of one of my paintings in your office or home.


Imagine how it would change your feelings in that room.


Imagine how it would change the energy inside you.


Imagine what influence that might have on your life.


Imagine what influence that might have on your family.


Imagine what influence that might have on your world.

Each painting has a home

My paintings have been exhibited in Tesla in Geneva, at Google in Washington DC and at one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the last two decades, Mother, in London.

I have painted in some of the world's most extreme locations to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. These experiments have changed my understanding of how the universe works. I used to think we were just passive recipients of our environment. Now, I realize we are active Creators of our environment. When we reconnect to the entire ecosystem, we realize we are creating it every moment of every day. Not just some of us - all of us. The world is a blank canvas on which we can create whatever we can imagine. It is a playground for our imagination.

Each painting tells a story

Each painting tells a different story about our relationship to ourself, our family or our environment: painting in gale force winds in Provence, The Philippines and on Mont Blanc taught me the power of the wind to reveal the truth; painting on cliffs in Russia and above Geneva taught me fear dissolves when we are in the Zone of Creation: painting in a blizzard in The Alps taught me that partnerships are transient; and painting Mount Fuji in Japan taught me all of us create waves inadvertently all the time. Each of the films below tells a different story. Let's talk and I'll tell some more.  

Painting in a blizzard, Swiss Alps

The Matterhorn at 150, Swiss Alps

Painting a reflection of Mt. Blanc, French Alps

Change, Around the World

Don't Create Waves, Älesund, Norway

Creativity Takes Courage, French Alps

OWN YOUR OWN Masterpiece

Let's talk so I can guide you

In 60 minutes, we will:

Discuss where you are in your journey

Explore what you are looking for

Visualize the painting in your home

Discuss logistics


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