Go with the wind


Size: 80×60
Material: Acrylic on canvas

The wind battered me so hard I almost didn't finish this painting. It was whipping down off Mont Ventoux at over 65km per hour. The canvas was twisting and turning so much at times the canvas was acting like a sail and crashing into the paintbrush.
It was so windy, the camera I was using to record the painting fell over 3 times. I used 3 easels to hold the canvas and weighed them down with rocks. I lacked any control. After 3 hours of frustration I gave up.
The following day I came back undeterred. And then a a little miracle occurred. Rather than fight the wind and paint what I saw, I painted what I felt. I let the energy of the wind guide me.
In less than 10 minutes the painting changed completely.

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