The Elements


Size: 100×80
Material: Acrylic on canvas

I didn’t realize until painting this pieces why artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne were so interested in painting still life. It seemed too boring, so still! I felt the real drama was happening outside, in nature or in the world.

And then I start to paint. And the energy appears in front of me, flowing this way and that, wonderful shapes, extraordinary patterns emerge from the canvas and as they emerge they begin to connect. There is a flow to the painting.

Two worlds collide on the canvas. What I can see and what I can see without seeing. And both van Gogh’s work and Cezanne’s start to make sense. For in Starry Night and Mont Saint Victoire what we see is energy flowing before they were able to explain it.

And what appears outside is also visible inside… perhaps even more so. It is easier to see the energy flowing like a very fine rain, moving in waves around the objects. And it is easier to practice the technique inside and to refine it.

In one sense then this painting marks the beginning for me of a new way of seeing the world, not so obsessed with the external representation of objects and things, but with what goes on inside. And as I continue to paint it becomes clearer one is just a reflection of the other. Then it hits me again: the answer isn't out there!

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