Spring into another dimension with me

Spring is here... and with it new life.

Join me for the second in a series of exhibitions, which explores what happens when we reconnect to our true nature.

We become the mountain, the lake, the wind or the blizzard. We become who we are born to be—whole again.

My paintings are portals into another dimension. They remind us of the infinite possibilities that lie within us.

Each one tells a story—a story that reminds you to reconnect to the greater part of yourself.

Would you like to hear stories from Lake Geneva, from the French and Swiss Alps?

Would you like to hear what happened when I took a canvas on a gondola for the first time, or what happened when I asked a mountain called la Diesse locally (Goddess) to undress?

If so join me for the Virtual Vernissage (opening) of my first online exhibition. 

I will take you on a virtual tour of my online gallery and tell you the story of each painting. 

They may inspire you to become more of who you are.


Alexander Inchbald

My paintings have been exhibited in Tesla, Google and Mother, one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the world.

I have painted in some of the world's most extreme locations to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. These experiments have helped me discover who I am. 

I am an extreme artist, bestselling author and Founder of the Masterpiece Movement.

Each of my paintings can help you become more who you are.

Here's a taster

Each painting tells a different story about our relationship to ourself, our family or our environment.
Here's a taster...

Painting in a blizzard, Swiss Alps

The Matterhorn at 150, Swiss Alps

Painting a reflection of Mt. Blanc, French Alps


If you want to go further

If you would like to go further, you can book a private viewing:

Discuss where you are in your journey

Explore what you are looking for

Visualize the painting in your home

Discuss logistics

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