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Every painting tells a story: discover what happened when I painted in a blizzard, when the wind appeared to speak to me or when a Russian security guard told me to stop painting. Thanks to the technical problems, the show opening resembled painting in one these locations. My response demonstrates how to handle it. I have taken the liberty of adding high quality photos of each the paintings so you can see them and resisted the temptation to sanitize the technical problems so we can all learn from the experience.

Inspired by a poem

The name of this exhibition was inspired by this poem by philosopher and mystic, Meister Eckhart:

When I was the stream, when I was the
forest, when I was still the field,
when I was every hoof, foot,
fin and wing, when I
was the sky
no one ever asked me did I have a purpose, no one ever
wondered was there anything I might need,
for there was nothing
I could not
It was when I left all we once were that
the agony began, the fear and questions came,
and I wept, I wept. And tears
I had never known
So I returned to the river, I returned to
the mountains. I asked for their hand in marriage again,
I begged—I begged to wed every object
and creature,
and when they accepted,
God was ever present in my arms.
And He did not say,
“Where have you
For then I knew my soul—every soul—
has always held

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Step into another dimension and immerse yourself in art.

See where the pieces were painted

From a lake in front of Mount Fuji to Mont Blanc, from the Russian Caucasus to the Matterhorn,
each painting was painted in a different time and a different place.


Imagine having your own doorway to a greater force at home or in your office

Over the last forty years, I have explored the limits of creation—I have painted in a tropical storm in the Caribbean, a blizzard in The Alps, gale force winds on a beach in The Philippines, a tumultuous lake in front of Mount Fuji and at -10°C on top of a ridge in the Russian Caucasus. 

Creating at these extremes, I discovered when I stop resisting the environment, it stops resisting me. In this moment, I am no longer separate from it, whatever you call it… I am it and I can influence any aspect of it

You can become the Creator of your world too. 

If this resonates, and you'd like to own one of my paintings, let's talk so I can guide you in choosing the right one for you.

Each painting has a home

My paintings have been exhibited in Tesla, Google and Mother, one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the world.

I have painted in some of the world's most extreme locations to explore what it takes to be creative everywhere. These experiments have helped me discover who I am. 

I am an extreme artist, bestselling author and Founder of the Masterpiece Movement.

Each of my paintings can help you become more who you are.

Each painting tells a story

Each painting tells a different story about our relationship to ourself, our family or our environment.
Here's a taster...

Painting in a blizzard, Swiss Alps

The Matterhorn at 150, Swiss Alps

Painting a reflection of Mt. Blanc, French Alps

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