Beyond Greenwashing

Embodying Purpose

Is it possible to embody a greater Purpose and meet challenging financial targets?

Yes. But it requires us to completely redesign how money flows through our ecosystem.

This isn't as simple as articulating a company Mission;

Asking your colleagues to work out their Purpose;

Doing mindfulness workshops;

Reducing your carbon emissions;

Or becoming BCorp certified.

All these things are important.

But let's be honest, they are stepping stones to a greater transition.

This may be the greatest transition since the first civilization in Sumer 5,000 years ago;

Possibly since we first cultivated crops and domesticated animals 10,000 years ago.

Climate change, pandemics, banking collapses and war are symptoms of our disconnection from Mother Nature.

We cannot create a sustainable paradigm from a state of disconnection.

It simply doesn't work.

Mother Nature is calling us to go beyond Greenwashing and embody Purpose.

Yes. This requires deep inner work.

And it requires us to rethink financial flow.

We have been experimenting with this for the last decade.

We have already helped thousands of leaders and dozens of teams to do it.

Are you ready to join them?


A 'gamechanging' approach

Growing Organically

Growing your enterprise organically like a forest.

Becoming Sustainable

Becoming financially sustainable rather than doing sustainability.

Increasing Effectiveness

Channelling your colleagues energy towards the same Mission.

Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking your colleagues' creativity so they innovate.

Growing Together

Taking collaboration to another dimension.

Increasing Loyalty

Enabling colleagues to do what they love and increase loyalty.


Visualizing a Collective Mission

We use collaborative paintings to help individuals express their Personal Purpose in a group. What emerges is a visualisation of the Collective Mission.

Cutting edge approach 

This approach builds on the best of Design Thinking, Lateral Thinking, Jeremy Gutsche, The Business Model Canvas, Mother Nature, my own research and the latest from psychology, neurology, epigenetics and metaphysics.

*Leaders who lead with the Inner Game are up to 1,000%* more effective than those who lead with the Outer Game. Adams and Andersen

Expanding the ecosystem

Unlocking Creative Potential

We use the metaphor of a forest to help individuals to appreciate the relationship between themselves, their Purpose and the Collective Mission.

We help individuals to unleash their creativity so they become sovereign individuals that can lead initiatives without being a burden on leadership.

Our clients love what we do

"Alexander is a gamechanger."

Michelle crossan-matos

Chief Marketing Officer, Ulta Beauty

"Exactly what I need when I need it."

Riccardo Bellini

CEO, Chloé

"I had my team work on finding their Personal Purpose, sharing them with one another was one of the most meaningful team exercises I have ever done."

Nate hurst

President, Chief Sustainability Officer, Black Rock

"I love Alexander and his work—these tools helped me stop, regenerate myself, then generate the funding needed to change our world."

Kari aina eik

CEO, United Cities Funds—the largest fund to realize the UN's SDGs in cities, Secretary General, OiER

Who we have worked with

What HP Inc. achieved by implementing these principles

In 2017, we helped the Chief Sustainability Officer at HP Inc. and his team to articulate their Collective Mission and develop the Masterpieces and three year roadmap to bring it to life. They spent the last three years putting Purpose at the heart of their business model. And then, from 2020 to 2023, Newsweek has awarded them the Most Responsible Company in America. That's pretty impressive given their main product is printers.

Extreme artist, bestselling author, Source of Masterpiece Creation

Alexander Inchbald

Alexander helps Changemakers change their world by bringing the Masterpiece they were born to create to life. Over the last few years, he has helped thousands of leaders articulate their Purpose and create their Masterpiece. He has worked on all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for orgnanizations like the United Nations, WHO, UNICEF, Gavi, The Global Funds and the International Committee and Federation of the Red Cross. He inspires with his vision and original thinking.

Helping the Changemakers misfits, crazy ones, artists with wild ideas to become Rainmakers by creating their Masterpiece.


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