“I believe we all have that cubic centimeter of chance that is dangling tantalizingly in front of us, encouraging us to be bold and cross the threshold.” — Gib Bulloch

We live in a world that has mastered acceleration. Can you imagine a world that is equally masterful in deceleration? What would you create if you embarked on an adventure, fully trusting that the ‘how’ of your Masterpiece would take care of itself? 

Gib Bulloch joins me for a deep conversation from the French Alps above Morzine, while I enjoy nature from Mont Pèlerin above Lake Geneva. Founder and former Executive Director of Accenture Development Partnerships, Gib experienced two significant events that changed the course of his life forever: a fever that triggered a flow of inspired insights following a trip to India, and five days and nights he spent in a psychiatric ward in Glasgow that catalyzed the creation of another Masterpiece: his book Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent. His journey is a powerful illustration of the need to break down in order to break through. 

We also discuss: 

  • The corporate immune system, the symptoms it creates, the underlying cause, and the need to catalyze purposeful innovation in the fourth sector;
  • Breaking mental health taboos in business and remaining open to every possible interpretation;
  • Gib’s Hero’s Journey of stepping over the threshold, allowing bliss to guide his vision so that he could return home to the Isle of Bute and create his latest Masterpiece: the Craigberoch Business Decelerator.



Gib’s book The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a corporate insurgent

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