“I always feel that I’m quite limited by my imagination. You might think, I’m going to go thataway but you need to be open to where ‘thataway’ actually takes you.” — Alison Cairns

Joining me at Lake Riffelsee in the Swiss Alps, Alison shares her incredible journey of painting the Matterhorn while it was covered by cloud, transforming frustration into focus and setting an intention to start with what she could see rather than what she could so that the cloud revealed the mountain it was hiding. She also discusses the role of creativity in food, and Alison’s pop-up gallery for amateur artists launching in January 2021 in Geneva (currently pending a review of the gallery space). We also explored what happens when we treat our lives as our Masterpieces, and the power of decelerating enough to listen to our intuition so that we can create our greatest contribution to our planet, people and prosperity.

We also discuss:

  • How Alison’s background in development, health and business is helping her as Partnerships Lead for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021.
  • Her commitment to helping to create a food system that supports nutritious food and equity within planetary boundaries.
  • That if we feed people in the right way using the knowledge and tools available to us, we become part of the entire ecosystem.
  • What would happen if we could create a world where our food system was provide good food for all, was equitable, and restored and regenerated our planet for good?


Food Systems Summit 2021 

Craigberoch Business Decelerator and my conversation with Founder Gib Bulloch **add this link once published

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