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Join Marlen Karlen and I to talk about how to grow your ecosystem. Marlen is the founder of Engelwurz, a bio-dynamic farm, 45 minutes north of Zurich, in Switzerland. It is home to a bio-vineyard, a mandala vegetable patch, a mushroom farm, two camels, chickens, homing pigeons, Marlen herself, her husband, Guido, and a procession of volunteers who come for anywhere between a few weeks and a few years to nurture the permaculture – for free.

What’s most remarkable though is that Marlen considers herself to be part of the ecosystem. Like the plants and other animals, she says she has a unique role to play, because she has different capabilities than the plants and the other humans within the ecosystem.

She defines her Purpose is to help every other entity within the ecosystem to find their Purpose. What’s even more remarkable is she considers what the permaculture produces – the wine, fruits and vegetables – a byproduct of the permaculture fulfilling its Purpose. It’s a bonus.

Having tasted the wine and eaten the vegetables, I can tell you it’s a very tasty bonus indeed. Watch this episode to discover what a permaculture is and why you should consider growing an ecosystem (in which your Masterpiece can emerge) too.

You can find out more about Marlen, her husband, Guido, and the very tasty byproduct online.

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