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“Enjoy the ride. You get to write your journey as you wish.” — Kathleen Hamilton

What would it be like if everyone had the safety, security, and access to the tools they needed to create their Masterpiece? We would create a new future together. 

Kathleen Hamilton is the Head of Product at GeniusU, one of the world’s leading ed tech platforms. Kathleen shares her story of growing up around social entrepreneurship in Bali (her father is Roger James Hamilton) and later, graduating from university in America without a physical place to call home and feeling unable to make an impact. This unleashed an opportunity for her to reclaim her potency by connecting with the GeniusU community of entrepreneurs, traveling extensively, and creating meaningful work that she loves.

We also discuss:

  • The story of Zach, an Artist-Genius and Starving Artist whom Kathleen befriended in San Francisco, and the power of mindset when creating your Masterpiece
  • Kathleen’s mission to change the educational system for good, so that everyone will have access to what they need in order to create what they love
  • The concept of ikigai, Kathleen’s recently-launched Ikigaia podcast, and the importance of time 



The Ikigaia Podcast and my interview with Kathleen

Enjoy the Ride

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